Lewis Lino invoice

Lewis’ Invoice for Linoleum and Cork, 1934

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Date 1934

This invoice from 1934 gives an insight into luxury production and skilled work in the area. Lewis Bros.’ carpet and linoleum store was located close to Connolly Bros Leather Works. The leather works were established in the 1870s by men of Irish descent. The business grew from a while-you-wait shoe repair shop to a supplier of horse harnesses and, then, coach interiors and railway carriages. In the 20th century, it supplied high-quality leather for luxury car types, such as Aston Martin, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Jaguar and Rover, as well as the leather for the Houses of Parliament, for royalty and for Concorde and much else. Lewis Bros.’ business may not have been so illustrious – but this invoice shows the supply of fashionable cork and lino flooring – and fitting services – to an upmarket home in Surrey.  The raised and muliti-coloured lettering on the invoice paper, and the existence of a telephone number, all point to services supplied for the wealthy. The invoice notes that the amount was paid off by cheque. 

By Esther Leslie