Glass Cabinet

Found: salvaged from the home of Arthur and Rose Pelling in Levita House

Date: 1930s

Arthur came to Somers Town after the war, from the East End where he grew up.  He remembers feeling sorry for Jewish refugees standing in the streets selling their services as shoe menders, charging pennies as their English was so poor.  

Arthur was a well-known character in Levita House, running the Tenants’ Association and he was instrumental in listing the Ossulston Estate, (Grade 2) in December 1996.

Arthur inherited the cabinet from his father and was unsure of its age.

It sat in his flat topped by another mismatched case, filled with Festival of Britain memorabilia and Vintage Car Club membership cards. They ran the Club from their flat.

They would dress up and set off in a beautiful vintage car every year for the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run from the central courtyard. 

As both aged, Sylvi Temple, a neighbour, found it in a nearby underground garage, forgotten as Rose’s memory had deteriorated.

Sylvi made sure it was sold to a Car Club, and they moved to sheltered accommodation. 

Rose cried as it was driven away.

By Diana Foster


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