Photo of Bengali Workers Action demo

date: 1970s

Found online

Abdul Momen is holding the banner for the Bengali Workers Action Group on this demo. The words Fight Racism are written on the banner. Momen was head of the community work team in the Camden Committee for Community Relations from the early 1970s. He fought to improve conditions for Bengali people living in Camden. As part of this, he founded the Bengali Workers Action Group, now the Bengali Workers Association, in February 1976.

Abdul Momen was born near Calcutta in 1938. His father’s work meant that he moved various times to different areas of Bengal. He remembered the devastating impact of the Bengal Famine of 1943. In 1969, he received a scholarship to study for a doctorate in England. In 1971, he was appointed Asian Community Officer in Camden. He spent much of his life as an activist, improving housing conditions and access to welfare for migrants.

He died aged 81 in 2020.

By Esther Leslie